Providing wide-ranging MAP services

As a Meter Asset Provider, we offer a range of services
in support of our customers’ requirements:


Whilst we do not manufacture the asset itself we still maintain a fervent interest in its technical capability. We commission independent technical assurance to satisfy ourselves and, most importantly, the lenders as to the adequacy of the specifications and product.


We see the responsibility for sourcing metering assets as a shared responsibility between Calvin and our clients. We work collaboratively to select the manufacturers and establish supply contracts with them. In our experience the collaborative aspect is essential with our client and Calvin agreeing the sourcing strategy, including supply security and the potential for multi-sourcing


Manufacturing is the manufacturers’ responsibility although we would expect that both ourselves and our client would be involved in the testing and technical assurance aspects to ensure that assets meet the required specification.


Under our proposition the coordination of logistics lies with Calvin. It is our responsibility to liaise with the manufacturer(s) to ensure that they deliver the required volumes to our clients on time. Calvin has enormous experience in this field and has skilled staff and systems which enable us to undertake this activity and manage the risk effectively.

Asset Tracking

This is the process of monitoring the status of each asset from delivery to installation and through to removal. This has to be done effectively to ensure that uninstalled stock is managed correctly, installed assets are billed accurately and assets which are removed are recorded along with the reason for their removal

Reverse Logistics

In the ideal situation assets should only be removed at the end of their life. However, in practice, they will be removed for various other reasons such as fault, customer damage and sometimes when not faulty. Calvin has developed systems and processes for the effective management of removed assets.

Recycle Assets

Assets which have been removed prematurely can sometimes be recycled. Calvin has put processes and commercial arrangements in place with manufacturers and other providers to refurbish and test assets so that they can be reused.

Asset Disposal

Assets which are removed at the end of their life need to be disposed of in compliance with statutory and environmental requirements such as the WEEE Regulations. Once again Calvin undertakes this activity very effectively and has developed processes, systems and contracts to dispose of assets in a fully compliant manner

Contract Management

Calvin has contracts in place with various key stakeholders such as energy suppliers, meter manufacturers, logistics providers, test houses and meter service providers. We have strong contract management capabilities which allow us to manage all contracts very effectively.

Funding Provision

Calvin has a long history of providing funding solutions for energy suppliers undertaking large scale metering programmes in the UK. We would be happy to talk to you about developing a solution which will best meet you requirements


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